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May 16, 2011

Surprise Saturday at Sigona’s Farmers Market in Redwood City

Surprise Saturday at Sigona’s Redwood City

Join us from 11 AM – 3 PM Saturday, May 21st, at our Redwood City store for a day if getting to know our local vendors.

We’ve invited a few local vendors to set up shop at our Redwood City store to demo and sample their products. It’s not every day you can meet face-to-face with the creator of your favorite fare! Come on down to Sigona’s this Saturday to hear first hand from some of our local vendors about how producing specialty foods came to be their craft.

From traditional Kürtős Kalács (Hungarian Chimney Cakes) to superfood snacks made from pulse seeds, here are the vendors and special guests you can meet this Saturday:

Sandor Godina of Enni Jo makes Kürtős Kalács, or Chimney Cakes, delicious Hungarian pastries.

Sandor Godina of Enni Jó

  • Maker of Kürtős Kalács, Hungarian Chimney Cakes
  • From San Jose, Calif.
  • Sigona’s Local Vendor since 2011

Watch Sandor of Enni Jo make Chimney Cakes on site this Saturday! Sandor is bringing all his ingredients to create these sweet or savory tube-shaped cakes that are baked and rolled in toppings such as cinnamon & sugar, cheese, sesame seeds, coconut or walnuts, to name a few. They are low in sugar, contain virtually no bad fats and are 100% preservative free.

The best time to eat this famous Hungarian street fare is when they’re fresh – and you can’t get much more fresh than having them made right before your very eyes!

Massimo Caporale, founder and creator of Gelato Massimo in Watsonville, Calif.

Massimo Caporale of Gelato Massimo

  • Maker of Gelato Massimo gelatos and ice creams (new!)
  • From Watsonville, Calif.
  • Sigona’s was one of the first to carry his gelato!

Cool, sweet, creamy, light and flavored just right…that’s Massimo’s new ice cream! Introducing his new produce for the first time this weekend, Massimo will sample his new ice creams: Strawberry Blast, Vanilla Clouds and Chocolate Dream. He’ll also be sampling his traditional Italian-style Gelato Massimo gelatos made with only the best ingredients.

Massimo also makes our Sigona’s Bleeding-Ripe Boysenberry gelato (made with Gizdich Ranch boysenberries), our Sigona’s Heirloom Apple Pie gelato (made with Gizdich Ranch famous apple pie) and our Sigona’s Heirloom Blenheim Apricot Sorbet made with locally grown apricots.

Melanie Carroll and Peter Walsh of California Naturals, makers of Kahe Sparkling Nectar.

Peter Walsh and Melanie Carroll of California Naturals

  • Makers of Kahe Sparkling Nectars
  • From Menlo Park, Calif.
  • Sigona’s Local Vendor since 2009

Kahe is now easier than ever to take to your next BBQ or day at the beach. Peter and Melanie are unveiling this weekend the new Kahe 4-pack — a super deal for those of you who’ve helped make Kahe one of Sigona’s best-selling beverages. Kahe Sparkling Nectars, available in Bing Cherry (our favorite!), Passion Fruit and Kiwifruit are sparkling juice drinks sweetened with Stevia and Xylitol, so not only do these refreshing real fruit juice drinks taste fantastic, low glycemic and low calorie!

Keep an eye on our blog to learn how you can get FREE Kahe this week, too!

Sandeep & Deepa Shenoy of Pul Foods, makers of Crunchfuls cereal and snacks

Deepa & Sandeep Shenoy of Pul Foods, Inc.

  • Makers of Crunchfuls Premium Superfood Cereals and Snacks (new!)
  • From Mountain View, Calif.
  • Sigona’s Local Vendor since 2010

Deepa and Sandeep will sample this weekend their newest addition to the Pul Foods product line: the new Crunchfuls Savory Snacks. Just as their deliciously nutritious cereals, these all-natural, gluten-free, vegan and kosher superfood snacks from Pul Foods are made from wholesome, nutritious pulse legumes called Pulseeds (split peas, dry beans and lentils) and are packed with nutrition and energy. Available in Tomato-Basil, BBQ and Chili-Lime, the Crunchfuls Savory Snacks are a healthier alternative to chips (they’re cholesterol-free, low in sodium and rich in fiber) and are a perfect low-calorie way to keep you energized and feeling great. One taste and you’ll want to pack these everyday in your lunch.

Dana Pitchon, the "only supermodel on this planet who cooks, eats and photographs it."

Dana Pitchon of Pitchon Designs

  • Photographer, designer, model, amateur gourmand and maker of photographic greeting cards
  • From La Honda, Calif.
  • Sigona’s local vendor for more than 10 years

Dana Pitchon, the “only supermodel on this planet who cooks, eats and photographs it,” is a former top model of Czechoslovakia, fashion designer and fashion photographer. Now living in La Honda, she’s photographs nature, architecture, arts and culinary creations, preparing prints on various materials, such as aluminum or photo paper, for local art shows and retail shops. Her eye for things of beauty, whether in nature or on the runway, shines through on her simply stunning photo greeting cards. Look for her cards at both Sigona’s locations.

After Dana left Czechoslovakia and settled in Woodside, Calif., she began cooking. What started out of necessity turned into a delicious hobby that Dana also sees as photographical, edible art. She’s even lent her photography and design skills to Sigona’s Fruit for Thought by designing flyers for the delivery service that leave your mouth watering. Should you attend one of her art shows, you can expect to sample her art with both your eyes and your palate. Check out www.DanaPitchon.com for samples of her art as well as her other blog for recipes for her inventive and delectable dishes. Dana will be sampling this Saturday a Marinated Pork Tenderloin with a Creamy Ginger-Garlic Sauce dish made with ingredients found at Sigona’s.

Heba Badran of Happiness Within.

Heba Badran of Happiness Within

  • Maker of Happiness Within baklava, orange cakes and orange loaves (new!)
  • From Palo Alto, Calif.
  • Sigona’s Local Vendor since 2009

Heba Badran learned from her mother how to make traditional baklava the dessert at age 10, and coming from three generations of pastry connoisseurs, all of whom specialized in French pastries, Heba quickly learned how to make other baked goods and pastries.After a few years of working in corporate America, she followed her passion and started making baklava and other from-scratch, delicious treats to sell at our stores. She’ll be sampling her newest product is the mini orange loaf, a lightly flavored mini cake made with only six all-natural ingredients, this weekend at Surprise Saturday. Oh, and the orange loaf? It’s absolutely perfect for making strawberry shortcake. Just sayin.’


August 11, 2009

Another Gelato Creation You’ve Got to Try!!

Another Gelato Creation You’ve Got to Try!!

John Nava and Vince Gizdich look at the ripe boysenberries at Gizdich Ranch in Watsonville

You already know Massimo! We told you earlier this summer we’d announce several new, exclusive flavors of Massimo’s gelato and sorbet…remember that? Well, in this issue we’re unveiling two new flavors: Bleeding-Ripe Boysenberry Gelato, made with perfect boysenberries from Vince Gizdich’s ranch in Watsonville, and an heirloom apricot sorbet made with Blenheim apricots.

Massimo tastes the latest batch.

We’re almost at a loss of words to describe the intense, delectable flavor of the boysenberry gelato. The combination of Vince’s berries and Massimo’s authentic gelato is knock-your-socks off fantastic. It’s called Bleeding-Ripe Boysenberry because the berries were picked at their ripest and they were leaking (or bleeding) their super-sweet juice.

Another bonus? Yes, another bonus! Not only does gelato have half the calories of ice cream, Massimo’s sorbets are virtually fat free – even with their fantastic flavor. For all of you who seek out and call ahead for the Blenheim apricots, get ready for our Blenheim apricot sorbet! It’s exploding with the sweet-tart intense flavor of apricot, and John Nava, our specialty foods and cheese buyer, says Massimo really nailed this flavor.

Nava and Massimo spent a few days together at Massimo’s gelato factory in Watsonville discussing the gelato and sorbet creation process and what characteristics were required to make the flavor come through perfectly. Vince joined the the team for a few days too to get the scoop (pun intended) on how many berries to bring in and when. Of course, he got in on a little of the taste testing, too!

“It took weeks to perfect the apricot sorbet,” said Nava. “The Blenheims are unique apricots to begin with, but we knew right away when we had nailed the taste, it was perfect!”Since these two flavors came together so perfectly, we’re challenging ourselves to another: Fresh Heirloom Apple Pie Gelato! Keep your eye out for this third exclusive flavor — it’ll be ready as soon as harvest is in full swing this fall.

We've partnered with Massimo to develop these three flavors exclusively for Sigona's. They're made with fruits from local farmers.

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