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June 6, 2011

Meet the Sigona’s Crew

Meet the Crew

Meet Liliana Solorio, literally a hidden gem within Sigona’s! Liliana has worked as our office manager for four years and is responsible for, well, everything! She makes this ship sail smoothly and we couldn’t be more grateful for her.

Liliana is also an integral part of Sigona’s Fruit for Thought, our corporate delivery service. She manages the accounts, takes orders, runs deliveries, logistics and much, much more.

Outside of the office, Liliana is a Latin dance enthusiast and a Redwood City community actress. Liliana says, “While I might be in the background or back office, I’m always here to ensure all operations run smoothly!”


Meet the Sigona’s Crew: Ana Vega

Meet the Crew

Ana Vega, an inspiring nursing student studying at Cañada College, has worked at Sigona’s for eight months as a cashier and grocery specialist where she is responsible for floor maintenance, stocking and ensuring product availability. 

She’s gained extensive grocery knowledge, and of course, excellent customer service – always done with a ear-reaching smile. Ana says, “From the cash register to the floor, dairy to deli department, I’m equipped to assist!”

Meet the Sigona’s Crew: Andres Gomes, Jr.

Meet the Sigona’s Crew

Meet Andres Gomez, Jr., an avid science fiction reader, a current bio major at Cañada College and Sigona’s produce specialist. Andres has worked with Sigona’s for a solid five years at our Redwood City store, gaining experience from our produce leaders, one of which is his own father.

Andres is responsible for floor maintenance, produce rotation, customer service, wholesale order fulfillment and product inventory – and he does everything with a smile. Andres says, “Don’t hesitate to stop me when selecting produce, without a doubt I can help you find the ripest fruit available at Sigona’s.”  

April 27, 2011

Meet the Sigona’s Palo Alto, CA Crew: Mirko Mićanović

Meet the Sigona’s Crew: Mirko Mićanović

Meet Mirko Mićanović (nicknamed “cro-cop”) is our in-house our mixed martial arts enthusiast. Mirko has worked at Sigona’s in Palo Alto for eight months as a cheese specialist and cashier.

Mirko is responsible for preparing our specialty cheeses, providing extraordinary customer service and maintaining the store floor and cheese department . He’s also taken on even more responsibility as a new apprentice in the Sigona’s Fresh Press extra virgin olive oil department.

Mirko can help you with any cheese information you need — from our local artisan cheese makers to the triple creme Brie from France. Mirko says, “Try Sigona’s Moo-na Lisa cheese, a classic, artisan Gouda-Gruyere style cheese made locally for our stores. You’ll love the creamy & nutty taste that lingers on your taste buds!”

April 8, 2011

Meet the Crew: Adilene Rumbo

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Meet the Crew: Adilene Rumbo

Adilene Rumbo loves dancing and continues to study dancing at San Jose State. She has worked as a cashier at Sigona’s Palo Alto location for three and a half years. Adilene handles many responsibilities at Sigona’s including cashiering, stocking & merchandising, floor maintenance and customer service. With several years of experience under her belt, Adilene is confident she can help with any questions you may need.

“I can help locate any item around Sigona’s, and give accurate pricing for any item a customer may need,” said Adilene.

When at Sigona’s Palo Alto location in the Stanford Shopping Center, don’t pass up Adilene; she’s a bundle of information and is always enthusiastic about making sure your trip to Sigona’s enjoyable.

Meet the Crew: Victor Infante

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Meet the Crew: Victor Infante

Victor Infante is a young man we are training to be a produce specialist. He has been with us for 1 ½ years and we are very pleased with his enthusiasm for the farm products he works with in our stores.

Victor is responsible for stocking, inventory control and store maintenance. Equipped with outstanding customer service and product knowledge, Victor is able to assist you with finding the ripest fruit or vegetable available. Also, do not hesitate to approach our ever-smiley produce specialist if you can’t figure out what “that” vegetable is or if you’re wondering when your favorite fruit will be in season…Victor can help!

Meet the Crew: Phil Sigona

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Meet the Crew: Phil Sigona

Phil Sigona has worked at Sigona’s for seven years as a a produce specialist and Fruit for Thought manager. If you didn’t guess already, Phil is the nephew of the three Sigona’s brothers.

Phil loves people and loves to joke around but he seriously knows his stuff.

As manager for Fruit for Thought, Sigona’s corporate delivery program, Phil is in charge of product selection, quality control and oversight of all orders and deliveries. Due to outstanding produce knowledge, Phil is able to ensure the best quality produce for Fruit for Thought and can provide you with excellent customer service.

Even in cold, freezing weather, sleep doesn’t keep Phil from working at Sigona’s outdoor market. Come and see Phil if you want feel as good as he does!


Meet the Crew: Edson Martinez

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Meet the Crew: Edson Martinez

Edson Martinez has worked for Sigona’s for five months as a cashier and grocery specialist. Edson is in charge of ensuring product availability, floor maintenance and providing outstanding customer service.

While at our Redwood City location, don’t hesitate to ask Edson about our dairy, meat and deli items. From locating and stocking your favorite kitchen products, to providing knowledgeable cooking tips & tricks, Edson is available to help you have a successful shopping trip.

Edson says, “For all your grocery needs, swing by Sigona’s Farmers Market! We have everything you’ll need to prepare any fantastic meal.”

February 11, 2011

Meet the Crew: the Redwood City floral department

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Meet the Crew: the Redwood City floral department

Meet our flower girls! Maribel Mendoza has worked for Sigona’s for six years as the floral department leader. She was recently joined by Marisol Zamora, who has worked for Sigona’s for eight months as floral buyer, and Karen Gonzales, who joined our team about four months ago.

These three lovely ladies make beautiful arrangements for all special occasions, and this time of the year they want to remind you not to forget your Valentine!

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and we’re sure your special someone will adore the beautiful, hand-crafted floral arrangements prepared by Sigona’s floral specialists! Call the Redwood City store floral department for details: 650-368-6993.

Meet the Crew: Marisol Zamora

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Meet the Crew: Marisol Zamora

Marisol Zamora has worked in the Sigona’s Redwood City floral department since June 2010. She’s in charge of maintaining and purchasing the freshest, most beautiful flowers and unique plants available from surrounding nurseries and farmers, including a few in Half Moon Bay.

Marisol makes beautiful arrangements for every occasion and reminds you to, “Come get your Valentine’s arrangement at Sigona’s, and don’t forget your chocolates!”

Valentine’s arrangements are available for pre-order. Call Marisol (650) 368-6993 for details.

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