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May 2, 2012

Fresh, Local, Line-caught Wild King Salmon Now at Sigona’s

Fresh, Local, Line-Caught Wild King Salmon Now at Sigona’s

Swimming yesterday, in our store today, these Omega 3-laden beauties go quickly so hurry in!

Wild King Salmon at Sigona's

Dave Kubo, or friend and local fisherman, catches and prepares the fresh-caught wild King salmon for our stores.

The commercial salmon season opened yesterday and thanks to our friend and local fisherman, Dave Kubo, we have beautiful, fresh, local, line-caught wild king salmon steaks and fillets in our Redwood City store TODAY.

That’s right. Caught yesterday and in our store today. Now that’s fresh!

These beauties are caught off the coast of Half Moon Bay and Monterey. Ocean-caught king salmon have higher levels of the naturally occurring Omega-3 fatty acids and a higher oil content that adds to their natural robust flavor and deep coloring. It’s a fantastic fish.

This season we’ll also take pre-orders for whole and half salmon at a discounted price. It’s an abundant season, so we expect a lot of fish and lower prices. Plus, these fish have been feeding on krill, which pumps up their levels of Omega 3s so they’re loaded with nutritional benefits. It’s going to be such a good season we already have a few local restaurants lined up to get fresh fish deliveries directly from us!

Keep an eye on our Facebook and Twitter to get the latest on fresh deliveries, and be sure to try one of our favorite seasonal recipes: Sautéed Fava Beans with Herb Grilled King Salmon.


March 29, 2012

Super Cheese Specials

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Super Cheese Specials

Sigona’s is in cheese heaven and we’re excited to invite you to join us. We want to share with you our current lineup of artisan cheese deals – and wine pairing suggestions – so you can take advantage of them before we run out.

To celebrate, we’re giving away an 8 oz. block of our Barber’s White Cheddar for FREE. Just mention this deal to a cashier during checkout when you spend $3barbers white cheddar0 or more at Sigona’s Farmers Market.*

Barber’s White Cheddar

The Details: Aged one year, our Barber’s White Cheddar is both mature and complex. It’s so diverse that you can even use it to make mouth-watering mac ‘n cheese for yourself and the kids. It’s available now for $9.99 per lb. (Reg. price $16.99). Remember, mention this deal the cashier and get it free with a $30+ purchase.

Wine Pairing: Napa Creek Petite Sirah

Epiros Greek Feta

feta-cheeseThe Details: Rich, creamy and one of the best feta cheeses we’ve ever had in our store. It’s yours now for only $3.99 per 7 oz. (Reg. price $6.99). In fact, use this coupon between Mar. 28-Apr. 3 to get a FREE 7 oz. container when you spend $30 or more.

Wine Pairing: Any of these great California chardonnays: Pacific Oasis; Woodside Vineyards (from the Santa Cruz Mountains); Picket Fence from Russian River, Rusack (from Santa Barbara)

Blue Stilton

Blue stiltonThe Details: We’ve never seen a true Blue Stilton offered at less than $10. Sigona’s current price? $9.99 per lb. (Reg. price $19.99)

Wine Pairing: Robert Hall Port Vintage 2006

Check out our blog for some great cheese recipes!

See you in the store!

*May not be combined with any other offer. One per customer, per visit, per day. Expires April 4, 2012.

January 25, 2012

Sigona’s Valentine’s Arrangements

Valentine’s Day Floral Arrangements

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner.

Impress your loved one with our beautiful pre-made floral arrangements or stop by our store to choose from our wide selection of fresh-picked flowers.

Call our Redwood City store at 650.368.6993 or Palo Alto at 650.329.1340 to place your order.

Please place your order at least one day in advance.

Click image to enlarge

January 11, 2012

More Wattle & Comb Pastured Eggs Coming Soon

More Wattle & Comb Pastured Eggs Coming Soon

Wattle & Comb just bought in 200 more chicks that are ready to start laying petite-sized eggs called PeeWees. This means more eggs – in various sizes – are coming soon!

Top: the smaller eggs are called PeeWees and are laid by pullet, or young, hens. The larger eggs come from mature hens. Bottom: Keep your eye out for PeeWee eggs with this logo in our stores soon.

Attention Wattle & Comb pastured egg lovers: thank you for your patience as the hens lay fewer eggs during molting season – darker days makes for fewer eggs. We know you’ve been pining for more of these delicious eggs, and thank you for your understanding!

We have some good news, though! Wattle & Comb has added 200 new hens to their flock that grazes just over the hill in Pescadero. These new hens, known as pullets, lay petite-sized eggs, known as PeeWees. These eggs will increase in size as the hens mature.

Wattle & Comb announced this week that some of the pullet hens are just starting to lay so we’ll have these adorable, petite-sized PeeWees in just a couple weeks. While pullet eggs are the new rage in the culinary world, they have a certain cuteness factor that appeals to kiddos just the same. They’re sized just right for children, and their bright colors (both inside and out) make them fun to enjoy.

Of course, their appeal to children makes them easy for adults to love them even more. Pastured PeeWee eggs contain more vitamins and minerals, essential for strong growth of children’s teeth, bones and muscles. These nutrients also benefit the immune system.

Do you know what “pastured eggs” means? In short, it means the hens are raised outdoors — with access to coops if they so desire — which allows them to roam freely, eating what grows on the land, such as grasses, seeds, grains and bugs…just as nature intended. It’s better for the bird, it’s better for the eggs and it’s better for you!

When compared to typical store-bought eggs, did you know that farm-fresh pastured eggs have been found to have:

  • Higher omega-3 fatty acids
  • Less cholesterol (some studies show pastured eggs have up to 1/3 less cholesterol)
  • Higher amounts of vitamins A, E & B12
  • Higher amounts of folic acid, beta-carotene and essential fatty acid

Janina Pawlowski, founder Pescadero Food’s Wattle & Comb pastured eggs, notes that chickens are said to produce the best eggs in the first 13 weeks of their egg-laying life. Though smaller than what egg-eaters have been conditioned to think is best, pullet eggs are the most delicious and often snatched up by pastry chefs-in-the-know for their richness and “soufflé-ability!”

This is because as chickens age, egg size increases while color and quality decreases. Large and small eggs from the same chicken have the same amount of egg “material,” but larger eggs are said to have more water and therefore less rich and “eggy.”

Keep an eye out for these cute, local and pastured Wattle & Comb PeeWees – they’ll arrive just as soon as the pullet hens start laying with more frequency. Remember, Sigona’s is the only store to carry these wonderful, nutritious, pastured eggs, so tell your friends about them too!

Check out our Fresh From the Farm to the Kitchen video where Carmelo heads out to the Wattle & Comb ranch in Pescadero:

December 29, 2011

Sigona’s New Year’s Hours

Sigona’s New Year’s Hours

Redwood City
Dec. 31st – New Year’s Eve:
Open 8 a.m. – 5:30 p.m.
~ ~
Jan. 1 – New Year’s Day: Closed

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Palo Alto
Dec. 31st – New Year’s Eve:
Open 9 a.m. – 6 p.m.
~ ~
Jan. 1 – New Year’s Day:
Open 10 a.m. – 6 p.m.

December 21, 2011

Sigona’s Holiday Hours

Holiday Hours

Redwood City

Christmas Eve, Dec. 24th:

open 8 a.m. – 5:30 p.m.


Christmas Day, Dec. 25th:


Palo Alto

Dec. 15-23 holiday hours:

Open 9 a.m.-8:30 p.m.


Christmas Eve, Dec. 24th:

Open 9 a.m. -6 p.m.

Christmas Day, Dec. 25th:


December 20, 2011

And the winner is…

And the winner of the giant panettone is…

Virginia Wilson

Virginia snapped and shared pictures of her grandson, Ramsey, as they prepared a delicious dish of mac n’ cheese together, using pasta and cheese from Sigona’s.

The prize panettone weighs in at 15 lbs. and is sure to be the center of many conversations over the holiday. Congrats, Virginia & Ramsey!

Thanks to all who participated in our Giant Panettone Contest — try again next year!

Ramsey, whose grandma, Virginia Wilson, shops at Sigona's, worked alongside his grandma to make a dish of mac 'n cheese using pasta and cheese from Sigona's!


Ramsey also came with his grandma to pick up the larger-than-life panettone. 

Ramsey and the panettone!

December 14, 2011

Holiday Centerpieces from Sigona’s

Holiday Centerpieces from Sigona’s

Our beautiful holiday centerpieces, made from locally grown flowers, come in three different styles.

Call or email our Redwood City flower department at our Redwood City store to place your order: 650.368.6993.

All orders must be received no later than 5:00 p.m., Wednesday, Dec. 21st, 2011 p.m.
Call: 650.368.6993

Local Delivery is available for only $10.00!  


Tazzi Mazzi Centerpiece


Round Centerpiece


Long & Wide Centerpiece


Add elegance and grace to your dining table with these gorgeous centerpieces.  Plus, the work is already done for you…all you have to do is come pick it up or set up for delivery! The arrangements are filled with seasonal and locally grown flowers, such as roses, gerberas, carnations, mums, lilies, godetia…to name a few.

For more details on each arrangement, including price, when & where to pick it up, and delivery please call or email our flower department at the Redwood City store: 650.368.6993 or maribelmendoza@sigonas.com. Remember, all pre-orders must be placed before 5 p.m. Wednesday, Dec. 21st.

Note: All arrangements, except the Tazzi Mazzi include candles.

Click on the pictures below to enlarge the image.

December 9, 2011

Holiday Gifts from Sigona’s!

See our gift basket selections!

November 29, 2011

First 50 Tuesday — get free fresh pasta

It’s First 50 Tuesday at Sigona’s!

Today’s our first go with this…come on by!

Be one if the first 50 people at our store between 9-11 a.m. OR 5-7 p.m. today to mention the word below and receive a free package of fresh, locally made Saporito pasta — no purchase necessary! Choose from plain spaghetti, fettuccine or linguini.

Yes, it’s that easy!

The word is: SAPORITO

The best part? You can combine this offer with our other coupons!

Saporito Fine Pasta, Co., is based in Redwood City, just five blocks from our store. You’ve gotta try Saporito’s fresh pasta — it’s absolutely fantastic!


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