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March 21, 2012

Win a Giant Chocolate Easter Egg from Sigona’s!

Win a Giant Chocolate Easter Egg from Sigona’s!

Giant chocolate egg

Enter to win this giant chocolate egg!

No purchase necessary, simply send in answers to the questions below. Those with all the right answers will be entered to win!  


This giant chocolate egg…and we mean giant (it’s 13.75 lbs.) may be hollow, BUT it’s filled with MORE CHOCOLATE! Enough for your Easter dinner company and more.

How to play: Send in your answers AND contact information to share@sigonas.com, subject line: Easter Egg!, by 5 p.m. Tuesday, April 3rd.

How to win: Entrants who correctly answer all questions will be entered into a drawing. We’ll draw one winner after 5 p.m. Tuesday, April 3rd. Be sure to include contact information in your email.

Hint…all the answers are easily found on our blog, Facebook page and previous e-newsletters!

1. On what day did Sigona’s create its Facebook page? September 14, 2009

2. What is the name of the Pescadero-based based company that supplies us with our pastured eggs? Wattle & Comb

3. True or False: Sumo mandarins are so rare that they can’t be found in California? False. We sourced ours from Fresno.

4. How many Twitter followers does Sigona’s currently have? 531 on March 31st; 536 on April 3rd

5. What’s the name of the delicious ice cream we carry that comes from over the hill in Santa Cruz? Marianne’s

6. Name the local brewery from which we get our delicious, all-natural and served-on-tap root beer. Devil’s Canyon Brewing Co.

7. True or False: Belgian endive grows in the dark. True! Get the details here.

Send in your answers AND contact information to share@sigonas.com, subject line: Easter Egg!, by 5 p.m. Tuesday, April 3rd.


December 20, 2011

And the winner is…

And the winner of the giant panettone is…

Virginia Wilson

Virginia snapped and shared pictures of her grandson, Ramsey, as they prepared a delicious dish of mac n’ cheese together, using pasta and cheese from Sigona’s.

The prize panettone weighs in at 15 lbs. and is sure to be the center of many conversations over the holiday. Congrats, Virginia & Ramsey!

Thanks to all who participated in our Giant Panettone Contest — try again next year!

Ramsey, whose grandma, Virginia Wilson, shops at Sigona's, worked alongside his grandma to make a dish of mac 'n cheese using pasta and cheese from Sigona's!


Ramsey also came with his grandma to pick up the larger-than-life panettone. 

Ramsey and the panettone!

December 2, 2011

Win a GIANT Holiday Panettone

Win a GIANT Holiday Panettone

Margaret, a Sigona's shopper, holds the giant panettone you can enter to win.

Technically, the size is categorized as magnum, weighing in at 15 lbs. Now that’s a big panettone!

We know the holidays bring out the cook in everyone, so if you snap a photo of yourself, a family member or friend cooking with ingredients from Sigona’s, we encourage you to post it to our Facebook page, or even send it in to share@sigonas.com, along with the recipe.


Contest is now closed. Thanks to all who participated!


Everyone who does so by Dec. 19th will be entered in a raffle to win the larger-than-life, 15 lb. holiday panettone, a traditional Italian holiday cake filled with fruits and candied citrus. It’s delicious!

What is Panettone?

Panettone a traditional Italian holiday treat that’s a sweet bread-like cake. Panettone can be plain or filled extras, such as dried or candied fruits. Panettone is generally enjoyed after a family meal with a special, creamy & sweet sauce and a glass of champagne!

There are many variations of a romantic legend about the origin of panettone, but we like this story told by the Italian Trade Commission…

Once upon a time, a young Milanese nobleman fell in love with the daughter of Toni the baker. The nobleman won the baker’s approval by disguising himself as an apprentice and preparing a naturally leavened bread that was soft and golden-yellow, shaped like a church dome and filled with fruits and candied citrus peel. The bread was such a hit that people lined up around the block for one of Toni’s sweet breads. Soon, people began to call the bread “pan de Toni,” and as more people came from near and far, Toni became wealthy and allowed the young man from Milanto marry his daughter. They lived happily ever after.

May 3, 2011

Golden ticket winners at Sigona’s Farmers Market

Congrats to Sigona’s Farmers Market Golden Ticket Winners!

For finding the golden ticket in a bar of Holy Chocolate from Sigona’s Farmers Market, we gave the the winners each a giant chocolate egg filled with, well, more chocolate! Thanks to everyone who played!

Congrats to the Szegda Family!

They found the golden ticket in a chocolate bar they received at our Redwood City location! Happy snacking, Szegdas!

Susan Szegda and family won the giant chocolate egg at Sigona's in Redwood City.

Congrats to Margreet Fledderus!

Margreet, an oncology nurse practitioner at the Stanford Cancer Center, won the giant chocolate egg at our Palo Alto location! We’d like to thank Margreet, too, for sending in pictures of her sharing the egg at the cancer center.

(Left) John Sigona (on right) presents Margreet with the giant chocolate egg at Sigona's Palo Alto. (Center) Margreet cracks into the chocolate egg. (Right) At least 60-80 people had a bite of the giant chocolate egg at the Stanford Cancer Center.

Margreet says, “The chocolate was a real treat and at least 60-80 people had a bite. It was a wonderful surprise, people were amazed about its size. It was truly a great Easter gift to all!! I absolutely love your olive oils, cheese bar, teas and dried fruits.  It’s a great store, and I recommend it to anyone I know.”

April 20, 2011

Find the Golden Ticket and Win a Giant Chocolate Egg!

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Find the Golden Ticket and Win a Giant Chocolate Egg!

Carmelo Sigona with one of the giant chocolate Easter eggs.

To bring a bit more chocolate to your Easter celebration, we’re giving two lucky customers the opportunity to win a giant chocolate egg that’s filled with more, well, chocolate Easter eggs. You can think of it as a sort of chocolate piñata.

All you have to do is find the golden ticket in your Holy Chocolate bar (which you can get for free this week with your coupon).

How to win:  We worked with Father Stan, maker of locally crafted Holy Chocolates, to hide a golden ticket in two Holy Chocolate bars – one at the Palo Alto store and one at our Redwood City store. The bonus item coupon this week is for three free Holy Chocolate bars when you spend $30 or more, and the catch is that only the Holy Chocolates given to coupon-carrying customers have winning potential!

About the chocolate eggs: The hollow chocolate eggs filled with small chocolate treats began as a tradition in Sicily more than 100 years ago as a surprise for the village children, and continues today thanks to the Vigneri chocolate company. Vigneri Chocolate, now based in the U.S., is a family-owned and operated company that got its start in Sicily more than 75 years ago. Today, three generations later, they’re still producing great and creative all-natural chocolate.

Be sure to check your Holy Chocolate bars for the golden tickets! If you’re the winner, you’ll find the golden ticket right inside the gold wrapper in your Holy Chocolate bar.

December 15, 2010

Win a giant (10 lbs!) holiday panettone!

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Win a giant (10 lbs!) holiday panettone!

No purchase necessary — just correctly answer the questions below and you’ll be entered to win!


Send your answers AND contact information to share@sigonas.com Contest ends December 20th!

Our supplier gave us a giant (and we mean giant…it’s 10 lbs!) classic panettone to this year, and we’re offering it to a lucky customer…for free!


See, it is giant! It's almost as big as little Penelope Contreras!

How to play:


Send in your answers AND contact information to the questions below to share@sigonas.com by 5 p.m. Monday, December 20th

How to win:

Names of entrants who correctly answer all questions will be entered into a drawing and we’ll draw one winner. The winner will be drawn after 5 p.m. Monday, December 20th. Be sure to include contact information in your email.

Hint…all the answers are easily found on our blog and previous e-newsletters!

Questions (answers follow in red)

1. We’ve partnered with Andreotti Farms in Half Moon Bay to bring in some excellent, locally grown produce. What six (6) items from Andreotti Farms did we highlight in a recent e-newsletter/blog post? Red Chard, Green Chard, Red Beets, Lacinato Kale, Gold Beets and Chioggoa Beets

2. Sigona’s has a number of specialty boxes of dried fruits for the holiday season, featuring some unique fruits we source from local farmers. What variety of dried apricots do we carry AND what’s makes them special? Blenheim Apricots. See this post for what makes them special.

3. How do you know when a Hachiya persimmon is ready to eat? What should you look for? Most Hachiyas are sold when still firm, but should not be used until they have softened. Think of a how a water balloon feels when you gently squeeze it – that’s how a ripe, ready-to-eat Hachiya persimmon should feel. Almost liquid-like.

4. True or False: Wine is available at our Redwood City store only. FALSE

5. How did panettone come to have such a name? Once upon a time, a young Milanese nobleman fell in love with the daughter of Toni the baker. The nobleman won the baker’s approval by disguising himself as an apprentice and preparing a naturally leavened bread that was soft and golden-yellow, shaped like a church dome and filled with fruits and candied citrus peel. The bread was such a hit that people lined up around the block for one of Toni’s sweet breads. Soon, people began to call the bread “pan de Toni,” and as more people came from near and far, Toni became wealthy and allowed the young man from Milan to marry his daughter. They lived happily ever after.

6. How many people currently “Like” Sigona’s on Facebook? In other words, how many fans does Sigona’s have on Facebook? Check it out now to find out!

7. One of our local vendors, Deepa Shenoy of Pulfoods, makes a cereal called Crunchfuls with a unique blend of seeds to make the cereal gluten- and allergen-free? What are these seeds? Pulse seeds, the seeds of pulse crops, more commonly known as lentils, dry beans, dry peas, dal and chickpeas (also known as garbanzo beans). More here.

8. What’s the name of the training facility in Menlo Park we’ve partnered with to bring you Tips for Healthy Living? III Pillars in Menlo Park

9. Name three (3) Sigona’s gift baskets from our online catalog listings. See all baskets here. Call the store for details.

10. What are polyphenols? Hint: we include the polyphenol count on each of our Sigona’s Fresh Press extra virgin olive oils. In short, they are the healthy antioxidants found in olive oil.

September 8, 2010

Win a Limo Trip to Marin County for a Tour of America’s Oldest Operating Cheese Maker

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Win a Limo Trip to Marin County for a Tour of America’s Oldest Operating Cheese Maker

We’ve partnered with Marin French Cheese Co., an award winning artisan cheese maker, to offer a tour of their facility and of one of Sonoma’s local wineries.

How does a beautiful fall day filled with locally crafted, artisan cheeses from Marin French Cheese Co., a gourmet harvest lunch and a tour of a gorgeous Sonoma winery sound? What if we told you a limo would take you and three of your favorite people to these places on Thursday, October 7th, and all you have to do to take advantage of this offer is enter to win our latest contest? We bet you’d take a simple quiz to be entered to win!

Marin French Cheese Company sits on a beautiful 700 acre ranch that's available for picnics, weddings, company BBQs and more!

We’ve partnered with Marin French Cheese Company, makers of the award-winning Rouge et Noir Triple Crème Brie (it’s free this week with your coupon when you spend $30+) to bring you this day-dream-perfect opportunity. Keep reading to learn more (some answers are in this article!) and then follow the link below to enter to win!

“Maxx and I developed this tour as a way for us to say thank you to our customers for their loyalty to us and to Marin French Cheese Company’s cheeses,” said John Nava, specialty foods buyer for Sigona’s. “The tour prize is not to miss. The cheese company’s grounds are absolutely beautiful and the opportunity to learn more about America’s oldest cheese producer, where they still make artisan cheeses by hand in small batches, is a prize we’re excited to offer.”

Marin French Cheese Co. was established in 1865, is America’s oldest operating cheese factory, and is the source of America’s most decorated hand-made cheeses, including Bries, Camembert and Chevre. Located in Petaluma, which is nestled in the heart of Sonoma wine country, Marin French Cheese Company sits on a 700 acre ranch, complete with public picnic areas, space for company BBQs and their own mineral-enriched, rain-water filled ponds, which the company uses as its main water source so they aren’t dependent on municipal water. The company welcomes more than 150,000 visitors and tourists a year!

The company got its big break shortly after it was founded there was a need for a cheese to be served to the dock workers in Yerba Buena, which is now San Francisco, because of the thousands of gold mine workers who went bust. The former mine workers infiltrated the docks, looking for work, so the locals began making food to feed the men. Jefferson A. Thompson, the then owner of the company, produced a cheese that set in 48 hours and could be delivered to the bars in 72 hours. They called it the Breakfast Cheese as the dock workers ate it for breakfast and washed it down with a pint of beer. Marin French Cheese Co. makes Breakfast Cheese to this day as the delicately soft cheese with its old-fashioned ripened butter flavor is still a local favorite to pair with jelly and toast.

Until recently, Marin French Cheese Co. focused exclusively on Brie, Camembert, Breakfast Cheese and Schloss, a flavorful golden cheese that’s a cheese lover’s delight. With the advancing sophistication of consumer palates, the company has expanded its offerings, and now features different sizes and varieties including blues, triple crème Bries, mixed milk cheeses, flavored Bries (think pesto and garlic) and more.

Marin French Cheese Co.'s Rouge et Noir Triple Creme Brie is known as the Brie that beat the French in a 2005 international cheese competition.

On the tour, the contest winner and friends will get an exclusive tour to see how cheese is made and aged in the original aging cellars from 1865.

Their Rouge et Noir Triple Crème Brie – the one you can get free with your coupon – was introduced eight years ago, and quickly became known worldwide as the cheese that beat the French. This Brie took top honors at the 2005 World Cheese Awards in an international blind tasting competition featuring Brie cheeses from around the world.

Marin French Cheese Co. sources 100 percent of its milk locally from Chileno Valley. “It’s one of the best dairy areas in all of Sonoma,” said Maxx Sherman, president of Marin French Cheese Co. “The milk comes from an area with the right terroir; it’s nestled in a little valley that draws in the morning fog, but gets nice sun during the day.”

As for the cheese making process, Sherman says, “All cheeses are pasteurized and we use 100 percent BST-free cows and use Jersey cow milk because of its flavor and high solids content. Then we use specific cultures and non-animal rennet to create different flavor profiles. From there it’s a variation of size and aging. All our cheeses are handmade and hand-packed.”

We’ve carried cheeses from Marin French Cheese Co. for five years and have built quite a loyal fan base among customers, especially with the opening of our new cheese shop at our Palo Alto location.

“Marin French Cheese Company’s Rouge et Noir triple crème Brie has a distinctively different flavor which I think makes it the best domestic Brie there is,” said Nava. “Maxx and I work together every year to do a nice sale for our customers, such as the disks of Brie for $3.99, regularly $10.99 ea., and this year we took it a step further to make the deal a little sweeter with the tour.”

Winners will win a limo ride for four, set for Thursday, October 7, to the cheese company. They’ll receive an exclusive tour of the original aging cellars built in 1865, a flight of about nine cheeses, a harvest lunch featuring local wines and a tour of a local winery or two before the return limo ride back to Sigona’s in Redwood City.

“Not only do we see this as a way to show more people our facility, grounds and what it takes to make handmade artisan cheeses, but as a way to show off our neighborhood,” said Sherman. “Many visitors leave with a new appreciation of the agricultural benefits Marin County has to offer. For example, there are nine cheese manufacturers within 10 miles of us.”

Click here for more details about the contest. We’ll draw one winner from those who respond with all the right answers!

The Marin French Company was established in 1865 and is the oldest cheese maker in America. Pictured is the Marin cheese factory.

Enter to Win

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Enter to Win a Limo Trip to Marin County for a Tour of America’s Oldest Operating Cheese Maker


The Details:

Win a limo-driven day trip for four to Marin County on October 7th, 2010, to tour Marin French Cheese Co. and a local winery!

Marin French Cheese Co.'s Rogue et Noir triple creme Brie is known as the Brie that beat the French in a 2005 international cheese competition.

Winners will get a limo ride for four, departing from our Redwood City store Thursday, October 7, to Marin French Cheese Company in Petaluma for a day of artisan cheese and local wine tasting, courtesy of Marin French Cheese Co. and Sigona’s. The day trip includes a flight of nine artisan cheeses, an exclusive tour of the original cheese aging cellars built in 1865 and a gourmet harvest lunch followed by a tour of one of Marin’s beautiful local wineries. Plus, we’ll throw in a gift certificate to Simi Winery you can use later at your convenience!

The Rules:

  • Send answers to the questions below to share@sigonas.com. (We’ll take the names of those with all the right answers, put them in a hat, and draw one winner.)
  • Deadline is 10 a.m. Monday, September 20th. (We’ll announce a winner in our Sept. 22 e-newsletter.)
  • Get ready to call your boss to ask for the day off, and don’t forget to see if your babysitter is available! If you win, you and three of your favorite people will head north Thursday, October 7th!

The Questions:

  1. Name the original movie used to inspire the movie poster look-alike ad featured in our “Best of” winners’ announcement in The Almanac? The Usual Suspects
  2. Sigona’s corporate delivery service is called Sigona’s Fruit for Thought. Name the three basket options that Fruit for Thought offers to corporations/different companies? The Basics, Wide Variety, Organic
  3. Of all three Sigona brothers, who considers himself to be the handsome one?
    1. Carmelo
    2. Paul
    3. John
    4. All of the above
  4. Name the eight new in-season olive oils we highlighted at our olive oil seminar AND three regions from which they come. Organic Chetoui Integrale, Leccino, Arbosana, Koroneiki, Ultra Navido Blanco, Hojiblanca, Manzanillo and Sweet Barnea
    1. Regions: Tunisia, Australia and Chile.
  5. Name three cheeses that we currently have on sale. Champs Elysees French Brie, Moo-na Lisa Cheese, Italian Feta
  6. What makes our Emmi Cave-Aged Gruyere a cut above the rest? Sigonia offers the most desired portion of Gruyere; the ‘Premier Cru,’ the richest, sweetest, creamiest part of the cheese wheel.The heart is the best part!
  7. What’s the name of Sigona’s own Gouda/Gruyere style cheese? Moo-na Lisa
  8. Name three heirloom melon varieties. Sharlyn, Casaba and Cranshaw
  9. What’s the easiest way to tell the difference between an American and Japanese eggplant?  aside from the general shape, is the color of the skin and calyx, or the leafy part that connects a fruit or vegetable to its stem. The calyx of a Japanese eggplant is true purple, just like its skin,  the calyx of an Italian or American eggplant is green.
  10. Since what year has the Marin French Cheese Co. been making cheese? 1865

June 16, 2010

Enter to win a $100 gift certificate to Sigona’s at our Palo Alto location.

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Enter to win a $100 gift certificate to Sigona’s Palo Alto location.

Look for the entry box near the customer comment station in the produce department at our Palo Alto store.

The raffle is open from 12 p.m., June 25 to 4 p.m., July 1st.

A winner will be drawn at the Stanford Shopping Center’s Summer Jazz concert 6 PM, Thursday, July 1st

Yancie Taylor & The Jazztet will perform an intense and soulful balladry of modern jazz.

Winners do not need to be present to win. You can pick up the certificate at Sigona’s in Palo Alto on or after July 2nd, 2010.

Learn more about the Stanford Shopping Center Summer Jazz concert series here.

May 4, 2010

Refer a friend, stay here for free!

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Refer a friend, stay here for free!

Mill Rose Inn, an award-winning bed & breakfast in Half Moon Bay

Refer, or better yet, bring in a new customer to our store and if your friend spends $20 or more, you and your friend will be entered to win a weekend away for four people at the Mill Rose Inn in Half Moon Bay.

The scoop:

  • Check out the details about the Mill Rose Inn below

  • Bring in or refer a new customer to Sigona’s between May 5th and June 13th

  • Encourage your friend to spend a minimum of $20 so they can be entered to win

  • Once your friend has reached the $20, make sure they tell the cashier that 1). this is their first time at the store 2). that they were referred by you and 3). they’re interested in entering the contest.

  • The cashier will enter you and your friend to win a one night stay for four (two rooms) at the Mill Rose Inn for you to redeem at your convenience (your friend fills out the entry form and will list you as their reference)

  • Remember…the more people you refer, the greater your chances of winning!

Refer a friend and win a free night at the Mill Rose Inn on Sigona’s!

Article by Christine Thompson

The Mill Rose Inn in Half Moon Bay is one of the Bay Area’s favorite B&Bs and the perfect place for a quiet weekend getaway.

Since Sigona’s is sending four lucky customers to the Mill Rose Inn in Half Moon bay, the store sent my husband and me to scope out the place. How else would you, a possible winner, get a tried-and-true overview of the inn and its amenities?

I’m not one to argue with the boss, so when asked to go to Half Moon Bay for the weekend, we gladly agreed, packed an overnight bag and headed west.

Our last-minute stay at the Mill Rose Inn was incredible. Within just the time it took to get settled in our room, we felt we’d been transported to another part of the world, far away from the hustle and bustle of reality. Half Moon Bay is just a quick drive from Redwood City, but the beach-town aura of Half Moon Bay made it easy to switch to vacation-mode.

From the moment we arrived we were taken care of in every way. After Terry and Eve Baldwin, the innkeepers, gave us an introduction to the grounds and our room, Terry made us dinner reservations at a restaurant just a few blocks up the street and then delivered a complimentary fruit, cracker and artisan cheese tray to our room. (We recommend taking some wine and the cheese plate out into the rose garden to enjoy the blossoms and rejuvenate in the sun and salty sea air.)

We stayed in the Botticelli Rose Room which has views of the courtyards. Photo from Goodeye Photography.

Each room has a fireplace which makes for a cozy stay. Photo from Goodeye Photography.

Terry & Eve took care of every detail of our stay. They’ve run the award-winning Mill Rose Inn in downtown Half Moon Bay – the very first B&B in San Mateo County — for 30 years, and their dedication has earned them the No. 1 ranked B&B in Half Moon Bay on Trip Advisor.

“This is our passion and we get to live it every day,” said Eve. “What we do is really a natural extension of our longtime interests in food, travel, gardening, nurturing and we live for that sense of richness you get when you do something that works. There is nothing better than hearing a visitor say our inn ‘feels like paradise, like a heaven on earth.’ You feel so validated in every way.”

“The most rewarding part about running the inn is seeing how people change over the weekend,” said Terry. “Those who arrive stressed, crabby or grouchy are totally transformed when they leave. They look and feel so relaxed and refreshed and we know they got the most out of their stay.”

The country garden setting offers many places to sit and read or take a catnap, but the inn is also just a 10 minute stroll from the beach and only a couple blocks from Main Street, which overflows with all the eclectic shops, cafes and restaurants with live music and gourmet food that downtown Half Moon Bay has to offer.

If dinner at one of these 15 restaurants doesn’t fill you up, Terry and Eve make sure there are always cakes, cookies, tea and fruit at anytime in the dining area. All of these extra bonuses, right down to the vast DVD selection and well-stocked minibar in the room, are complimentary.

Inside the gazebo is a private hot tub which guests can reserve anytime. Photo from Goodeye Photography.

Terry and Eve have a beautiful garden at Mill Rose Inn.

My husband, who had been away on a business trip all week, found the private garden hot tub to be his favorite part of the inn. The hot tub is in an enclosed gazebo for privacy and guests can sign up for an hour of more to guarantee you’ll have the space all to yourself. This was the perfect way to relax before melting into the most comfortable bed around.

“They’re really the most plush, opulent beds you could ever imagine,” said Eve.

Terry and Eve spend as much time tending to the outside gardens as they do to the rooms and service. In fact, Terry, a former landscape contractor, met Eve in the horticulture department at San Francisco City College. With their green thumbs combined, they keep the grounds well maintained and each corner of the property in blossom nearly year-round.

“It takes a lot of time and dedication, but it’s worth it,” said Eve. “The inn has become a desired wedding venue for outdoor ceremonies and receptions, and we have heard from many other innkeepers that they were inspired to open a B&B of their own after visiting Mill Rose.”

In addition to gardening, Eve has a passion for interior design, and with six rooms in the inn, she has most definitely found the right place to exercise her talent. The Victorian-esque rooms are elegant yet cozy and welcoming; each is unique in its own way through use of antiques and watercolor paintings.

The part about our stay that I loved the most was the champagne breakfast Terry delivered to our room in the morning. When we checked in, Terry asked if we’d like to enjoy breakfast in our room or down in the dining room. If it’s been a while since you had breakfast in bed, ask for room service, switch on the fireplace and enjoy a little more cozy, one on one time with your sweetie.

Terry and Eve prepared a spectacular spread, complete with a fresh fruit tray using produce from Sigona’s!

“Though Half Moon Bay has many produce stands, Sigona’s has them all beat, hands down,” said Terry. “Plus, Sigona’s has orange-flesh honeydew, which we’ve discovered through years of trials, our customers prefer over regular honeydew and cantaloupe.”

Our last-minute trip to the Mill Rose Inn was an unforgettable experience. We’re thankful for the opportunity to enjoy an escape to Half Moon Bay and experience Terry & Eve’s hospitality. There is no doubt they are dedicated to making each visitor’s stay as luxurious and relaxing as possible.

On our way out, Eve mentioned a few deals and specials they make available and encouraged us to, “never be shy about calling and asking for a special package.” They’re happy to work with budgets and requests from groups planning weekend getaways, to mothers and daughters who sign up for the in-house massage service and spend the weekend pampering themselves.

Can you think of a better way for your friend to thank you for introducing them to our store? A stay at Mill Rose Inn is truly an escape worth taking.

Things to do in Half Moon Bay:

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