What's Tasty at Sigona's Farmers Market

May 30, 2012

John Sigona’s Pick of the Week: Flavored Marchini Almonds

John Sigona’s Pick of the Week: Flavored Marchini Almonds


Cipollini Onion Marchini Almonds

Zesty Tomato Marchini Almonds

Reg. $3.99, 8 oz.

On sale for $1.99

It’s a good idea to load up and GET ‘EM WHILE WE’VE GOT ‘EM, especially at this great price because once they’re gone they’ll be gone forever!*

These fabulous almonds will remain on SUPER SPECIAL until the very last container is sold.

They store very well under refrigeration for at least six months, as long as you keep them sealed and dry.

These suburb almonds are truly an original California almond. They were developed by Joe Marchini in Central California. These two flavors, the cipollini onion and zesty tomato, have all of the benefits and nutrients we’ve all come to enjoy from fresh almonds along with their wonderful unique flavor.

John outside with produce

John Sigona is the dried fruit & nut buyer for Sigona’s Farmers Markets in Palo Alto and Redwood City, Calif.

*We will continue to carry roasted-salted Marchini Almonds long after the cipollini zesty tomato flavors are gone.


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