What's Tasty at Sigona's Farmers Market

May 2, 2012

Tea Steeped with Sigona’s Dried Fruits

John Sigona’s Pick of the Week

My wife Agueda and I enjoy a nice cup of tea now and again, but last night I mixed things up for a surprisingly unique treat.

I tried experimenting with a mix of my favorite bulk tea and Sigona’s diced, dried fruits.

I mixed a number of Sigona’s unique dried fruits in with the tea leaves and let them steep together before straining. To our delight, this mild and healthy blend was quite delicious and satisfying.

The recipe is easy-breezy. You can use some or all of my dried fruit suggestions, depending upon your desired degree for complexity of flavors. Here, basically is how I created a wonderful after dinner brewed tea.

  • As many tea leaves, or single sachets, for as many cups you’re preparing (I suggest red, white or green tea)
  • About 2 TBL per person of a mix or combo of the following, diced, all natural, nothing added, no sulfur…
    • Dried Fuji Apples
    • Dried Granny Smith Apples
    • Organic Goji Berries
    • Dried White Nectarines
    • Dried Yellow Peaches
    • Dried Bartlett Pears
    • Dried Hachiya Persimmons
    • Dried Navel Oranges
    • Dried Lemons
    • Dried Pineapple
John outside with produce

John Sigona is the dried fruit & nut buyer for Sigona’s Farmers Markets in Palo Alto and Redwood City, Calif.

Simply dice the dried fruits and mix with the dried tea leaves. Pour hot water (no hotter than 200 degrees) over the blend and let sit for 3-4 minutes (I added one-fourth teaspoon coconut sugar for myself; my wife was fine without the sugar). Strain the mixture into tea cups, sip and enjoy.

If you like it, mix larger quantities of the ingredients together in a canister that seals well and store it in the cupboard. It should retain its freshness for at least 5-6 months.

By the way, the listed dried fruits, except the goji berries and pineapple, are grown, dried and processed in Central California by my longtime friends’ family-owned and operated ranch.



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