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March 7, 2012

John Sigona’s Pick of the Week: Dried California Navel Oranges

John Sigona’s Pick of the Week: Dried California Navel Oranges

Dried California

Navel Oranges

on sale $1.99

Reg. $3.99 5.5 oz. container

Dried California Navel oranges… are you kidding me? Yes, we carry lots of unusual dried fruit and nut items, some of which you may have no clue as to how they are used.

Our dried California Navel oranges certainly fall into this category…they are a pretty interesting item actually.

Here are some of the reasons why:

  • We sell then with skins attached because that is where most of the vitamins reside
  • Eat them out of hand for an intensely sour/sweet taste sensation, specially if you eat them with the skin
  • You can finely grind them and use them for seasoning or flavoring, specially for baked goods
  • Cut them into small bits and toss into any green salad, specially delicious when salad includes pecans and cranberries
  • Use them for decoration — on wreaths, floral arrangements or on your Christmas tree. They’ll leave a pleasant aroma
  • Sliced, dried Navel oranges also make interesting light catchers

You’ll find them in our dried fruit and nut department at a great price through March 20, 2012.

John Sigona partners with local farmers to get spectacular prices on all your favorite dried fruits & nuts!


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