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October 6, 2010

John Sigona’s Dried Fruit Pick of the Week: Crystallized Dried Ginger

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John Sigona’s Dried Fruit Pick of the Week: Crystallized Dried Ginger

John Sigona

John Sigona partners with local farmers to get spectacular prices on all your favorite dried fruits & nuts!

Are you familiar with Sigona’s Dried Ginger? If not, I invite you to read about this very special item, which I absolutely love! I’ll tell you all about this excellent product, but first check out our terrific special—the lowest price we have ever featured for this excellent item:

The Very Best Quality Australian

Crystallized Dried Ginger

On sale for $3.99 (10 oz. container)

Reg. $6.99 10 oz.

Australian Ginger is harvested while very young so that it is soft, tender and meaty—not stringy at all— recognized as the finest in the world—it is masterfully dried to perfection—absolute superb quality—with a terrific balance of sweetness and a delightful spicy “kick”—and, of course, pungent ginger goodness!

I believe after you’ve tried Sigona’s Australian Crystallized Dried Ginger you will never want to buy anything but ours.

Besides snacking use this for any recipe calling for ginger—for a tempting treat try dipping in melted dark chocolate.

As with fresh ginger, dried ginger has many medicinal properties:

  • Can help reduce inflammation
  • Can help alleviate various causes of nausea
  • Can help aid the digestive process
  • Can help alleviate other stomach issues
  • Can help alleviate colds
  • Can help ease sea sickness or car sickness
  • Can help with menopausal issues
  • Can help ease headaches

As I mentioned, I love this product and I think you will too—so GO FOR IT!!


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